Availability of 2017/2018 share buy-back program for IGE+XAO Group

Toulouse, 26 March 2019


In accordance with article 221-4 of AMF General Rules, IGE+XAO announces:


The share buy-back program that will be submitted to the approval of the General Meeting on 12 April 2019 is part of the annual financial report. It is made available on the website www.ige-xao.com – Investors section – where it can be read or downloaded.


It can also be requested directly to the head office of the Company (IGE+XAO – 16 Boulevard Déodat de Séverac, CS 90312, 31773 Colomiers Cedex, France) or by email: solie@ige-xao.com / Tel.: + 33 5 62 74 36 36 / Fax: + 33 5 62 74 36 37.


Within the framework of regulated information, this financial report has been the subject of a full and actual deposit by electronic format to the AMF.