IGE+XAO: Consolidated accounts for 2006/2007 (IRFS norms)Sharp Increase In Group net Income: +17.6%.

Toulouse, September 14th 2007 – The IGE+XAO Group announces that:

Toulouse, October 26th 2007 – The IGE+XAO Group announces that:

Over the financial year 2006/2007 the Group's performance was significant with an ordinary operating income of Û3,237,271, an increase of 4.2% and a group net income of Û2,415.019, up by 17.6%. Net return was 11.8% of the turnover compared with 10.4% in 2005/2006.

At the same time, IGE+XAO is consolidating its financial situation with the absence of a long-term bank debt, cash-at-bank of 11.3 million euros and shareholder's equities of 13.8 million euros.
This healthy financial structure gives the Group the ability to pursue its strategy for development. So, over the financial year IGE+XAO was especially dynamic in the following axes of development:
· Expansion of the product portfolio with the creation of the company EHMS in a joint-venture with Labinal (creation and marketing of a software suite for the manufacture of electrical harnesses) and the take over of Compodata (publisher of complex system configurator software).
· Development of new services with creation of the company S2E Consulting (diagnostic, consulting and support services dedicated to systems engineering and to electrical design processes) in a joint-venture with the SogŽclair Group.
· Improvement of the Group's international commercial coverage with the opening of a subsidiary in China.
Over the financial year 2006/2007, in view of the Group's thresholds, the contribution of these new companies to the Income from ordinary activities and to the net consolidated income is not significant.

Finally and in accordance with the policy put in place by IGE+XAO the board of directors will propose to the Annual General Meeting the payment of a dividend of Û0.22 per share compared with Û0.20 in 2005/2006.


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